Adventures in Advertising

When I was just out of university I applied for a job with an advertising company. In the interview the employer informed me that they did a lot of work for a particular political party, and asked if that would that be a problem. I said, "I could never do work for that party!" I didn't get the job (just a compliment about my creative promise), but all this time later I am finally having my advertising "moment" thanks to Creative Saskatchewan's recent marketing grant which will pay 50 percent of advertising costs. 

Paid advertising is a huge developmental step in Wild Sage's growth - previously, except for ads in Read Saskatchewan, all of the press's promotional efforts have been of the no-cost kind. The advice I have been receiving, though, is that paid advertising in the right forum is critical to letting people know about the books. I am feeling hopeful, along the lines of, "let the world know about the wonderful titles WSP has and the world will buy!" Although final credit for the ads will go to wonderful designer Larry Mader (LM Publication Services), I have been having fun making up the first rough drafts to send him - deciding which books to advertise where, which quotes to use, what information can be left out, how much copy can be squeezed into a finite amount of space, the colour scheme... I seem to spend an awful lot of time wondering about things like whether to use "PB" or "paperback" and where to put the price, and even more time with my ruler trying to figure out if I've gone over the space allotment. And then I daydream some more about the world buying and all is well!

I have been fortunate to receive helpful feedback from a number of people - friends, family, authors, publication advertising managers. In no particular order huge thanks to Evan, Debora, Liz, Jerry, Sharon, Bruce, Alison, Michael, and Carlene. As important as the actual suggestions is everyone's enthusiastic support for Wild Sage's efforts. That's what keeps me going!

- This blog was adapted from the July 2015 Wild Sage Breeze monthly feature.


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