Blooper Near Misses

The possibility for bloopers in publishing are numerous. Luckily Wild Sage Press has avoided some of the worst possibilities, such as misspelling an author's name (this has actually happened!). But it's been a close call on occasion. I owe a huge thank you to Larry Mader for recently catching two typos that would have made me extremely unhappy if they'd made it to the print stage: the wrong phone number in the Wild Sage Press catalogue and the wrong price for one of the books in a forthcoming ad. One of the errors which made it through (my fault entirely, even though I read the copy ten million times) was a missing parenthesis. Not good, but not as bad as it could be! (nowhere near as cataclysmic as the wrong phone number would have been...) The most surprising blooper was the time a librarian contacted me to say that she had received the book the library had ordered but its cover was on upside down. I mailed her a new copy (with its cover on the right way), and ever after check every book before shipping it off - quality control! - which is lucky as I found another book (a different title though) with the same problem, so into the recycling bin it went. It's amazing how easy it is to make errors. Reading through this edition of The Breeze I've already had to correct several! Here's to the ever vigilant eagle eye in publishing. 

- This blog was adapted from the August 2015 Wild Sage Breeze monthly feature.

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