Choosing Venues

I mentioned to someone that the upcoming children's book event will be at Beth Jacob Synagogue here in Regina and was asked, "Why there?" Thinking about the question made me realize that the reasons for my venue choices when I am organizing a Wild Sage Press event combine personal, social and practical aspects. For example:

  • Remembering in words and brush strokes, Wild Sage Press's fourth annual salon and sale, was held November 2015 at Connaught Library (Regina). Connaught Library is by far the most frequent venue for WSP events. On a personal level, Connaught Library has been like my second home for three decades as I am often there for various and assorted reasons (because I love to read being a major one!), and the staff are wonderful. On a social level, they have been excellent to partner with on programs. On a practical level, I live only half a block a way, many WSP supporters live nearby, the staff are extremely helpful, the cost is either non-existent (when an event is co-sponsored by the library and WSP) or negligible (when an event is sponsored by WSP alone), and co-sponsored events are promoted through the library system in addition to other methods.
  • Books and Art was held August 2015 at the Qu'Appelle Valley Centre for the Arts in Fort Qu'Appelle. On a personal level: I love the valley. My father grew up on a farm near Fort Qu'Appelle so the area is familiar to me from childhood. In recent years our family has sometimes rented a nearby cottage (at Katepwa Lake) from friends. Sometimes we go for a daytrip to enjoy the town and nearby Lebret and the hills. Also on a personal level, I have known the person who was my initial contact at the QVCA for many years and it was good to work with her on this event. On a social level, the QVCA is a non-profit whose motivation is to support culture, an aim I agree with! On a practical level, Fort Qu'Appelle is less than an hour a way, the space is lovely, and the cost is reasonable.
  • Kids' Book Launch was held November 2013 at Trinity St. Paul's church in Toronto. On a personal level, I often walked by Trinity St. Paul's when I lived in Toronto, and on my many visits back, so it is a very familiar sight. On a social level, I like how they emphasize justice and the arts. On a practical level, it is very close to a subway stop so easy to get to, the staff are very helpful, the space pleasant, and the cost very affordable.
  • Kids’ Books Fun Time is the event that will be held at Regina's Beth Jacob Synagogue in April. My parents were members of Beth Jacob for many years and so there is a strong personal connection, plus I know and very much like some of the current members. On a social level, Beth Jacob is community-minded and it is a pleasure to work together with them to plan a community event. On a practical level, the space is lovely, and, as it is a collaborative event, there will be no cost to WSP. Plus, it is in a different part of the city than Connaught Library, so maybe new people will attend!

I could give many more examples, but these three give some idea of how my brain works when I am thinking of venues!

- This blog was adapted from the March 2016 Wild Sage Breeze monthly feature.

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