Home-made books

This topic occurred to me as I was sorting through drawers full of papers that I had saved from our kids' childhoods. (We are downsizing - moving from a 2.5 story house to a bungalow.) I came across an illustrated "book" that our daughter, created when she was about 8 - a cover and a few interior pages with a bit of handwritten text and some black and white drawings, that we had photocopied and stapled together. And then yesterday I came across several copies of another example of a home-made book, also from the pre-computer era - a children's story I had written and illustrated in my 20s. I typed the original text on a typewriter, pasted drawings in the appropriate spots, coloured in every single drawing with water colours, punched three holes in the paper and inserted them into a carboardy tabbed "cover." Sometimes I make home-made books for birthday presents (once for a wedding present!), for example with hand-printed text, hand-painted drawings, cardboard/cloth covers, ribbon bindings. The image on one book cover I made was an embroidered "Tigger." (Embroidery is a lot of fun!) One of my favourite books to look through contains pages and pages of photos of handmade books, all wonderful in their very unique ways. My conclusion? I love reading books; I love making books; and I love books that other people have made! Home-made books can be simple or sophisticated and, however they turn out, the actual process of making them is a pleasure that I hope everyone gets to experience at least once in their lives.  

- This blog was adapted from the September 2016 Wild Sage Breeze monthly feature.


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