Hopes of a Publisher

My publishing hopes are vital to the continued existence of Wild Sage Press. The minute I lose all hope for WSP is the minute I will start laying it to rest. (I hope that will not be for a long time!) 

I have many transitional hopes which vary from week to week, month to month. One week my hopes focus on the mundane - that I will be able to catch up on the accounts and correspondence; the next week they might be a bit more weighty, for example that I will come up with some creative marketing ideas. One month I am busy hoping I get the grant I applied for, another I am hoping a recently launched book will get lots of reviews. 

Two of my constant daily hopes are that tons of people will (a) buy WSP books (because WSP needs the income!), and (b) fall in love with them (whether the books are borrowed or purchased). A third daily hope is that I continue to become a more knowledgeable and skilled publisher. 

My overarching hope is that every book I publish will be powerfully "true" in content and exquisite in production.

Here's hoping!

- This blog was adapted from the May 2015 Wild Sage Breeze monthly feature.

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