Mixing Reality and Imagination

It occurred to me, as I listened to my sister Sharon Kahan introduce her reading of a chapter of Goldeye and Funnyfin (the book she illustrated and our mother wrote) at the recent Wild Sage Press kids’ event that the books I relate to most combine features of reality and imagination. By reality I don’t necessarily mean facts, but some grounding in what real life is like, such as how people relate to each other and what motivates them. Imagination refers to something that takes us to a place where things are different from the familiar or a reconfiguring of the familiar into something unfamiliar. In other words – a combination of the known (reality) and the unknown (imagination). Goldeye and Funnyfin is a good example of this combination: fish who talk (the unknown!) and who also have emotional reactions to various that we the readers can all relate to (the known). Here is the part of Sharon’s introduction to a story about magical fish who go on adventures that led to this reflection:

"Looking back on it, all these fish were a little bit like the people in my family! In Goldeye and Funnyfin’s world, like in my family, people are sweet and kind, grumpy and overly sensitive, curious and scared at the same time. But just like in my own family, and maybe yours, if you’ve tried something new and it’s been a bit stressful, everything can be fixed by having a snack and a little rest."

- This blog was adapted from the May 2016 Wild Sage Breeze monthly feature.

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