On the Move

Evan and I have moved, and therefore Wild Sage Press has moved as well. We're only two blocks away from our previous home, but it's still a major task. Not surprisingly, most of our boxes are filled with books. The second largest category of box-filled possessions is art. And of course there are all the Wild Sage files (credit union statements, paper samples, grant applications, and much more), packing materials (for shipping books), display materials (for events like the upcoming spring-time salon), equipment (in addition to computer and printer, things like paper-cutter and weigh scale), general office supplies (paper, paper clips, pens, scissors, rulers...). And then there are all the emotions - I'll be sorting those out for a long time! In general the prognosis is good - Wild Sage Press lives on, and Evan and I think we'll be happy in our new home. We are slightly closer to the creek I like to walk along, are only slightly further away from the library (a two minute walk instead of half a minute), and still have many of our friends nearby. All is well!

- This blog was adapted from the November 2016 Wild Sage Breeze monthly feature.

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