So. Blue Grama is all sold out and I'm thinking, "second edition, yes!" When the limited editions of How to Be a River and Watermarks sold out, I got new ISBNs (the number that identifies each book) for them, new CIP (Cataloguing in Publication) data, and stuck "A Wild Sage second edition" on the covers. Being a creature of habit, when I had no more copies left of Blue Grama, I got a new ISBN number for it, and applied for and received new CIP data for a second edition. I also contacted the designer and the printer about printing a second edition - and heard back from both of them that maybe it was really a reprint and not a second edition. Uh oh. Turns out they were right. While the original poetry books had significant changes from first printing to second - totally different covers and bindings (handbound versus perfect bound) - the second printing of Blue Grama would have the same cover, same binding, same illustrations, same poems and songs... Sure enough, after a phone call with ISBN and a lengthy email corresondence with a very kind CIP person who also had discussions with ISBN, it turns out I was indeed planning a reprint, not a second edition. Which meant - no new ISBN and no new CIP data. Huge embarrassment on my part. Everything got straightened out in the end, though, and I am a slightly wiser publisher. 

- This blog was adapted from the February 2016 Wild Sage Breeze monthly feature.


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