With all the major life events that have happened in the last few years, it seemed a good time to take a break. So, Wild Sage Press has been on sabbatical for the last few months! And its publisher (me) has taken the opportunity to spend three months with our new grandbaby Lauren, helping out with childcare. Although I haven't been publishing, I have still been on close terms with books. We joined the local library near our new temporary home, and I have been enjoying seeing all kinds of books I'd never heard of before. In addition to reading books myself, I am having a good time reading to Lauren (who judges books not by their covers but by their chewability!). I am very grateful to one of my friends who I think of as my reading mentor, who has introduced me to all sorts of fabulous authors. Somewhere in my semi-consciousness I am thinking of ideas for Wild Sage Press and looking forward to the upcoming salon and sale on April 30, which may be the end of the sabbatical. In the meantime, happy reading to everyone.

- This blog is reprinted from the April 2017 Wild Sage Breeze monthly feature.

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