Wild Sage Press on Holiday

Being publisher of Wild Sage Press is sometimes a very time consuming and intense experience, for example when nurturing a book along from the manuscript stage to published delight or working away at marketing and promotion. However, everyone needs a break, including publishers. Currently my break is visiting my not quite two month old grandbaby. Like grandmothers everywhere, when she stretches I "ooh" and when she sneezes I "ahhh"; when she waves her little fist I think "how precocious"; when she stares with her gorgeous slate blue eyes at someone's face or the wall or who knows what I coo "what a sweetie"; when she squawks and squirms until I start walking her around the house again I tell everyone "she's so adorable"; and when she smiles my heart melts all over again. I've already started reading her books - one of my favourites is Edgar Gets Ready for Bed (a take-off of Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven), where the little raven Edgar is constantly saying "nevermore" when told to do things like have a bath. And the time will come quickly when she'll be old enough for me to read her Goldeye and Funnyfin and Dorothy McMoogle! Have a wonderful summer everyone.

- This blog was adapted from the July 2016 Wild Sage Breeze monthly feature.


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