WSP Accounting

A friend asked me a while ago about the nature of my accounting activities for Wild Sage Press. That started me thinking about what actually is involved, and I thought others might be interested as well. The accounting for WSP is partly related to sales - the fun part! - and a lot, unfortunately, related to expenses. Some of my accounting work is due to bureaucratic requirements, either Wild Sage Press's (a bureaucracy of one!) or for external groups. Examples of WSP accounting include:

A WSP Riddle

Question: What do an exotic fruit, water, a prairie grass, and a tree, have in common?
Answer:    Wild Sage Press books! i.e.:

Happy Birthday WSP

How does one figure out the birth date of a publisher? Feeling lazy, I thought, "a happy birthday feature will be short and easy." Ha! Because then I spent the whole morning searching through records trying to figure out when exactly Wild Sage Press's birthday is. When I first registered the name? Well, no - nothing happened for a couple of years after that, all that existed of WSP was the registration and my intention to make the press a reality one day.

In the Tradition of the Salon - and thoughts on remembering

"You're organizing a salon!" was author Brenda Niskala's response in 2012 to my suggestion of a Wild Sage Press afternoon of stimulating conversation.

Blooper Near Misses

The possibility for bloopers in publishing are numerous. Luckily Wild Sage Press has avoided some of the worst possibilities, such as misspelling an author's name (this has actually happened!). But it's been a close call on occasion. I owe a huge thank you to Larry Mader for recently catching two typos that would have made me extremely unhappy if they'd made it to the print stage: the wrong phone number in the Wild Sage Press catalogue and the wrong price for one of the books in a forthcoming ad.

Adventures in Advertising

When I was just out of university I applied for a job with an advertising company. In the interview the employer informed me that they did a lot of work for a particular political party, and asked if that would that be a problem. I said, "I could never do work for that party!" I didn't get the job (just a compliment about my creative promise), but all this time later I am finally having my advertising "moment" thanks to Creative Saskatchewan's recent marketing grant which will pay 50 percent of advertising costs. 

A Publisher's Personal Life

I woke up this morning with a million things that I need to do for Wild Sage Press flashing through my brain:

Hopes of a Publisher

My publishing hopes are vital to the continued existence of Wild Sage Press. The minute I lose all hope for WSP is the minute I will start laying it to rest. (I hope that will not be for a long time!) 

It takes a community to grow a book

Most people are familiar with the African proverb "It takes a village to raise a child." The same concept applies to books. Rare is the book that is conceived, written, rewritten, edited, designed, printed, marketed, and distributed by only one person, with no input from other people. Every Wild Sage Press title has a back story populated with talented and generous people who, with the vision of a book leaping from a shelf into the welcoming arms of booklovers everywhere, spend time and energy to make the vision come true.

Tending the Tree of Life

Tending the Tree of Life is particularly special to me because it's the memoir of my father Irwin Kahan. He had a dramatic life - growing up on a farm during the "dirty thirties" in the Jewish community near Lipton, Saskatchewan; enlisting in the RCAF during World War II; part of the Saskatchewan team that conducted cutting edge psychiatric research (investigations into "megavitamin therapy" and experiments with LSD) during the 1950s.


Wild Sage Highlights