Books Against Stereotyping!

Although I decided to publish We're Already Home because it's a wonderful piece of drama, well-written and engaging, providing a pleasurable reading experience, it is also a very fine example of a "down with stereotyping" book. In my top ten list of dangers to peace and happi

On your mark, get set, launch

November is launch time in Wild Sage Press's world. The season began with Wild Sage's third Regina launch on November 2. Regina Public Library, Connaught Branch generously partnered with Wild Sage again; they provided the location (Connaught Library), the drinks, publicity through their publications, helped with set-up and provided a lot of enthusiasm. WSP provided the food (thank you Beth Traynor of A La Carte) and the entertainment, and of course the books and other delights...

Publishing downs and ups

Emotional downs and ups that is... (I know the usual phrase is "ups and downs" but I prefer to end on an "up" note.) 

The Best Way to Read a Poem

I don't actually know the best way to read a poem - I suspect the best way varies from person to person. I only know the best way for me to read a poem. I used to be afraid of reading poems because I thought I wouldn't understand them, I would miss all the metaphors and underlying meanings, they would leave me feeling alienated, I would find them boring.

Why I Decided to Publish We're Already Home

We're Already Home will accompany Blue Grama at this fall's launch. We're Already Home is a two-act play by Terry Jordan, Lorna Tureski, and Arnie Hayashi, with funding gratefully received from Creative Saskatchewan (who have also provided funding for Blue Grama).

Conflicting Desires and Realities for Book Pricing

Figuring out what to charge for a book is emotionally traumatic for me. I'm torn between conflicting desires: wanting to price Wild Sage books seriously low so they are accessible to just about everyone; and wanting to price Wild Sage Press books high enough that they actually cover all the costs involved in book publishing, allowing Wild Sage to continue launching new books every season. Being a passionate book lover I truly believe the world does need more books, especially the exquisitely produced high quality books that Wild Sage offers!

What Does a Publisher Do Anyway?

Recently I attended SaskBooks' board meeting in Craik (Saskatchewan) where one of the discussion topics was the low profile of publishers. Most people can list a favourite author or two, but how many can list a favourite publisher? (Except for Wild Sage Press's loyal fans of course!) If asked, "What does an author do?" the immediate response would be, "Write!" without having to add "books, stories, articles, poems..." because that is well understood by everyone. Asked "What does a publisher do?" the answer would be something like, "Uh...publish?" followed by an uncertain silence.

A Month in the Life of a Publisher

Frequently I am asked, "What does a publisher do?" As it pours rain outside and I sit at my desk squinting at the computer screen being incredibly annoyed at the horribly loud sound of planes flying overhead (which is unusual and I really hope it doesn't become usual) I wish I could answer the question posed at the beginning of the paragraph by saying, "Sit outside in the sun eating chocolate, reading a good book, and enjoying peace and

A Cathedral Village Publisher

Thinking about Saturday's book display at the annual Cathedral Village Arts Festival (in Regina), I've realized what strong ties Wild Sage Press has to Cathedral Village. Not only have I lived in the Cathedral area for the past 30 years on 20 block Elphinstone St. (and where I live that's where Wild Sage Press lives!), all of the authors and illustrators of WSP books published to date either currently live here or have lived here.

Preparing a Book for Publication

I am wildly excited about the forthcoming title LittleGrass by Heather Peat Hamm. While I can all but taste it in my imagination, it will take many more hours and much hard work until we can actually hold it in our hands, and then get it into the hands of readers across Canada and beyond.


Wild Sage Highlights