Wild Sage Children's Books in the Classroom

First and foremost, Wild Sage Press's children's books are about having a pleasurable reading experience - losing oneself in a different world, getting to know new characters, being carried along with the rhythm of the language, absorbing the details of the illustrations.

Illustrations in Children's Books

So many different kinds of illustrations in children's books! In the "olden" days black and white illustrations were most common; these days, most are in colour. The occasional exception, though, shows how dramatic black and white can be, with its own power and charm.

Suggesting Books to Libraries

Wild Sage Press is a huge supporter of libraries. One of the reasons, among many, is that libraries make books accessible to people who may not have the money to buy books (or who have enough money to buy some books but not nearly as many as they like to read in a year!).

What I Learned About CIP

CIP stands for Cataloguing in Publication. Included on the copyright page, CIP data provides information for libraries and bookstores. I have now applied for CIP data for six books.

The Supportive Saskatchewan Publishing Community

This month I want to say thank you to members of Saskatchewan's publishing community: Nik Burton (Coteau Books), Heather Nickel (Your Nickel's Worth Publishing), Jackie Lay (University of Regina Press), Paul Wilson (Hagios Press) and the Saskatchewan Publisher's Group (Brenda Niskala, Jillian Bell, and Daniel Parr). All of them have been very generous in sharing their publishing wisdom and expertise with me.

Naming the Press

Some people have wondered why the press is called "Wild Sage." Below are the publisher's associations for "wild" and "sage" listed under the website's question and answer section:



Reflecting on Book Covers

I was staring at the cover of the book I'm reading currently and saying to myself:
(1) ugh! (although I am enjoying reading the book itself) and
(2) I don't get it, is that a cracker in the middle? (After closer observation: clouds, not a cracker.)
Thinking about this cover in particular led me to pondering about book covers in general, something I do every once in a while. 

Little David/Davida Amongst the Giants

A while ago I sent out a press release. In the spirit of a dedicated recycler, I present the press release, somewhat revised, as this month's blog. It summarises the issues facing Wild Sage in particular and publishing in general. 

Marketing marketing marketing...

...and more marketing! That's what I'm spending my life doing at the moment. Busy busy busy, and there's always more to do... Phoning and emailing libraries, school boards, bookstores, in-person visits to stores, getting the word out through the website and Facebook and posters and personal contact, composing media releases, designing brochures and other handouts, organizing events, followiing up on leads...


Wild Sage Highlights