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All in the Family

When we were kids, our mother Fannie told my brother, sister and me bedtime stories about two small fish, Goldeye and Funnyfin, who lived in a big ocean and had amazing adventures. A wide range of other characters also featured in these stories, including a gentle whale, a scrappy swordfish, a grouchy octopus, and a Magnificent Fish. Fannie told these stories with a wonderful mixture of action and humour and I always wanted more, wishing I could be swimming in the ocean along with Goldeye and Funnyfin and their friends.

My Story of Becoming a Publisher - a first anniversary reflection

For the last year, “What ever possessed me? I really should have known better!” has alternated with “Wow, is this ever cool or what!” on an hour to hour basis, all because I became that increasing rarity - a book publisher. And counter to the trend towards e-books and mass production, but perhaps in keeping with my contrary nature, I became a publisher of hand-bound limited editions, driven by a vision where art and words combine to open hearts and minds to the beauty and perils of the world around us. 

December 1 bloomed community and creativity

What wasn't a surprise on Saturday was how fabulous the items on display tables were - ceramic artist Anne McLellan's pottery, Stonewench handmade jewellery, Boomtown Drums musical items (including drums). And of course Wild Sage books and other delights. Beyond that, however, the day was full of surprises.

People & Plant Power

Here are more photos of people who have been a huge help to Wild Sage Press:

Sean Sunley, the wizard who is responsible for constructing this gorgeous and very usable website (and for providing technical assistance whenever I run into problems).

Standing Room Only at Launch!

Wild Sage Press's inaugural launch on Wednesday evening, co-sponsored with Connaught Branch, Regina Public Library, was a huge success! About 80 people attended - the room was packed. It was one of those special evenings where everything was just right. The energy was high, everyone was smiling, the books looked gorgeous. Connaught Library Staff were wonderful as always, setting up the chairs and providing the refreshments - and were very pleasantly patient with all of us at 9:00 pm closing time when no one wanted to leave because they were having such a good time! 

One stitch at a time

Measure the unbleached linen thread: one arm's length plus the distance to the clavicle on the other side.
Thread the needle.
Match the holes in the parchment end paper to the holes in the inside cover. Adjust if necessary.
Fold the two papers together along the score marks in the inside cover.
Insert the second signature (half the pages of the 64 page book, composed of 8 sheets of paper folded in half).
Insert the needle, through the signature's punched holes and then through the endpaper and inside cover's punched holes.

Bookbinding Continues

The tally this morning is 84 books completely bound and 9 more books stitched and awaiting covers. We're getting close to the half point! (By the end we will have a total of 200 books bound.) We're not necessarily getting any faster at binding, but we are certainly learning how to deal with all the surprises that keep popping up. Most issues are straightforward, like the thread slipping out of the needle. Others are more challenging, like when the holes don't line up for the various layers.


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