Day Two of Bookbinding

Yesterday we worked from 9:30 to 4:30 (with a lunch break and a brownie break) assembling the books. Bruce Rice (left in the photo above) and Evan Morris joined the bookbinding crew. We now have 39 books complete, including attached covers. Almost 25% done! And we are definitely getting more confident.

Day One of Bookbinding

Facebook Fun or... ?

A friend asked me the other day if I was having fun with Facebook. My response? More like frustration with Facebook! It is not a communication method that comes easily to me. The screen is very busy and it is hard for me to sort everything out. In the real world I am directionally challenged and have trouble navigating my way from point a to point b, whether in a city, building or out in the countryside. I also, it turns out, have navigation issues with Facebook. How do I find my list of friends again? What happened to my newsfeed?

PST number

Wild Sage Press received its PST (provincial sales tax) number today from the Sasktachewan government! That is the final piece of official paper required - GST (goods and services tax, which is required for books) has been in the works for a long time and home business license was obtained last month. PST is not actually required for books, but having a PST number gives Wild Sage Press the option of offering other delights such as Wild Sage Trading Cards. Slowly but surely it is all coming together!

Bad - or possibly good - news

Last week Wild Sage Press was refused a small grant from the Grants to Publishers Fund. Apparently - and very sadly - no emerging publishers received funding. The bad part of the news is that even a small amount, such as $1,000, would make a big difference to Wild Sage. Production costs are huge, especially for small print runs, the  promotion and administration costs add up quickly, and for emerging publishers there are all those start-up costs.

Experimenting with my first blog entry.

I've never done a blog before (except for a poem which was sort of about blogging). I am trying out this feature on the new Wild Sage Press website to see what happens. So much to learn! (Not to mention so many mistakes to make and so many hours to fix them up!) (And of course in between hair-tearing fits - fun and delight!) (And, as I mentioned, all that learning...) Well it seems to have worked - my first blog entry. Success!


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